Think like a machine!

We have a machine that can look at a picture and tell us what it is. Most of the time, it tells us the right answers. But sometimes it makes mistakes. We don't know why the machine makes the mistakes it makes; do you?

Your job in this experiment is to predict when our machine will make a mistake. On each trial, you'll see an image that will look to you like a familiar object. But, for some of them, the machine gave a different answer than it was supposed to. For each image, we want you to predict whether the machine got it wrong. Across the images you will see in this experiment, about 15-20% of them are wrong, while the other 80-85% are right.

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The machine saw this image:

The machine was supposed to say .
If you had to guess, did the machine get it right or wrong?

Remember: Approximately 80-85% are right, and 15-20% are wrong!

Done! You can go ahead and submit. Thank you!

You can also feel free to leave any comments below about how the experiment went, but that's up to you. Did everything seem to work OK?