Remember the Video Frame!

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This experiment tests your ability to remember what the last frame of a video looked like.

On each trial, a video will play, and then it will disappear. When it disappears, a "mask" image will appear to cover up the video, and then you will be given a chance to report what that last frame looked like.

Using a slider, you will be able to cycle through the frames of the video in order to choose the exact frame that you saw last before the video disappeared. Once you're satisfied with your judgment, you'll click a button to proceed to the next trial.

Remember: You must try to pick the frame that exactly matches the last frame of the video! Keep adjusting until you are satisfied with the match!

By completing this survey or questionnaire, you are consenting to be in this research study. Your participation is voluntary and you can stop at any time.

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First, you'll do an example, so you can understand the task. In this example, the "last" frame will remain on screen the whole time. However, in the actual study, the frame will disappear and you'll have to rely on your memory!

Notice that you'll have some images that appear before and after the actual video clip. This is to make the task more challenging. You must just choose the last image from the video that you saw!

Once you choose the matching last frame, you can start the actual study. To reveal the frame and slider, click the "Play" button below.


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Study Progress

Try to remember what the last video frame looks like when the video stops!


Adjust the slider to choose the last frame you saw before the video disappeared. Remember to keep adjusting until you are satisfied with the match!

If you had to guess, what do you think was the purpose of this study?

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