Finish the Saying!

A robot has hidden English messages in some audio transmissions that we've recovered. However, these audio clips have been "corrupted", in two ways. First, most of the transmissions sound very strange and garbled; the robot's "voice" is very different than a human voice. Second, they've all been cut short by at least one word; for example, a message that was supposed to be "Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light" might actually come across as "Oh say can you see by the dawn's early".

A few of the transmissions have not been garbled. These audio recordings will sound like a human man.

We want you to help us by filling in the next word of each audio transmission. On each trial, you will listen to a short audio clip. After you play the clip, you will be asked to pick the word that come next in the phrase. Hint: the robot loves to transmit familiar sayings and quotes.

This task will not be easy; if you are unsure, take your best guess.

When you are ready to begin, answer the question below. By completing this survey, you are consenting to be in this research study. Your participation is voluntary and you can stop at any time.

(NOTE: When the experiment is done, a submit button should appear. If that fails to occur, the HIT should "auto-submit" after one minute.)


The robot transmitted this clip:

If you had to guess, which word comes next in the sequence?

To complete this experiment your computer needs working audio. To test your the sound on your computer, please listen to the clip below.

What kind of sound is playing?

Beeping Traffic Clapping Music Conversation Ocean
Oh no! You did not answer the first question correctly, and so we cannot let you continue with the HIT.
Done! You can go ahead and submit the HIT. Thank you!

You can also feel free to leave any comments below about how the experiment went, but that's up to you. Did everything seem to work OK?